Levan Lekishvili

Deputy CEO, CFO
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2017 Appointment Date

Levan Lekishvili has joined Liberty Bank in June 2018 as a Deputy CEO, Chief Financial Officer. 

Prior to joining Liberty Bank in 2013-2018 Levan held the position of Managing Partner of "Shine-Est" (Belarus). In 2009-2015 Levan was the CEO of "Standard Group" (Lithuania).

Prior to "Standard Group" he served as a Financial Director of "Forward Capital" from 2008 to 2009 in  Belarus. In 2005-2008 Levan was a CFO of “Standard Bank” Georgia. 

In 2003 Levan has joined football club “Dinamo” as the Chief Financial Officer and held this position up until 2005. Prior to “Dinamo” he held various positions at “Saqkurortbank” and “EA Bank”.