State Mortgage Assistance Program

Get up to 4% state subsidy on mortgage.

Liberty is involved in a state mortgage assistance program, which aims to overcome the difficulties caused by the coronavirus in the construction and development sector and maximize the support of individuals who want to purchase real estate.
What does the Assistance Program mean?
Under the project, in case of purchasing an apartment from development companies, mortgage loan borrowers will receive a maximum of 4% financing for a period of 5 years. The program will apply to mortgage loans issued in national currency.
The Assistance interest will be calculated as follows:
  • In case of floating interest rate loan: Refinancing rate set by the National Bank - 4.25%. In case, if the refinancing rate is equal to 5%, the assistance will be automatically terminated until the interest rate rises again to 5%.
  • In case of fixed interest rate loan: Refinancing rate set by the National Bank - 4.25% fixed. No matter how the refinancing rate changes, the maximum limit on the state-subsidized interest rate will consistently be 4%. 
What is required to participate in the program? 
To participate in the program and receive assistance, a mortgage loan must be issued to an individual by December 31, 2020. The purpose of a mortgage loan should be to purchase an apartment in a construction or development company.

Mortgage loan conditions

Loan Currency



Max. 240 months


Max. 200,000

Assistance Term

Maximum 5 years


From 0%


* The interest rate is determined individually.

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